Worth every penny I paid! The materials included everything I could possibly need to be prepared, but it is the personal conversation and coaching from Mike that really puts it over the top. He made sure I was ready for court, but we never actually made it there. I was able to get a plea bargain. In the end I had no points on my license and just a fine to pay. I call that success!
Tammy H.
Liberty Township, PA

I was a victim of the radar. Ticketed for going 45 in a 35. Bought the materials. Talked to Mike. Went in before court and walked out with a $75 fine and zero points. Not bad.
Jerry S.
Erie, PA

I found Mike’s site after I got my first pace speeding ticket. I was not about to take whatever they dished out. I was sold the minute I read the reviews and saw the price. Let me say the information I was given was great. Mike’s coaching was great. My experience that day was not as easy as some say. The officer didn’t want to listen to me. He was actually mad at me for fighting this. It took forever to reach an agreement and get out of there. I walked away with a non-moving violation. I paid a fine and it’s over. I can say if I hadn’t been prepared I would have never gotten the agreement. That officer didn’t want to budge at all. So I’m glad I had the information I had and talked with Mike to be ready for the fight. But I had expected a quick and easy bargain and this was not. Worth the money, but be prepared for a fight. It could happen.
Justin D.
Farmington Township, PA

Sometime in August of last year ENRADD got hold of my husband. He came home with a ticket for 50 in a 35. There was no way we were paying that, so I started looking for answers. What I found was this system. Who wouldn’t give it a try? I managed to convince him to read through it all. By the end even he believed he’d win. That cop never saw us coming. We had our info and were ready to battle. We celebrated our victory over lunch with the money we would have spent on the fine.
Emma R.
Harrisburg, PA

Got a ticket in January for 65 in a 55. Ordered the system right away. Went to court in February. Was hoping the pretrial conference would solve the issue, but had to go to court. Had my trusted folder full of case law. Won the case without any problems.
Tyler H.
Lenox Township

I finally had my court case today. I walked in armed with knowledge and walked out with nothing more than a fine. This system works well.
Wendy N.
York, PA

ENRADD nabbed my wife two months ago downtown. The officer gave her a ticket for 15 miles over the speed limit. No one can drive that fast downtown! Researching my options I found this system. It laid out a clear strategy for dealing with the second officer and let me tell you it worked like a charm. The case was dismissed with no fine or points.
Eddie H.
Philadelphia, PA

Mike and his system saved me hundreds of dollars. I got my VASCAR ticket in March for 10 over the limit. Thanks to the system and Mike’s help I was able to reduce it to a fine. I paid them $75 and I got no ticket on my record. Couldn’t do it by myself!
Kelley R.
Greene Township

Thankfully my daughter called me for help when she got a pace speeding ticket in November. I purchased the system and we prepared her folder for court. Everything we needed was in the materials provided. The case law included with the system was all she would use in court that day. She won the case and did not have to pay a dime.
Donald W.
Gilmore Township

The materials are great. Almost everything is covered. But when the officer lies in court there isn’t much to do. I lost the case. I should have won. The system had everything covered except a dishonest cop.
Steve A.
Lancaster, PA

Knowledge is power and I had the knowledge. Gathering this information on my own would have been impossible. Having it helped me face the court and walk away a winner.
Shelley S.
Middlesex Township

ENRADD is a joke. 15 miles over the speed limit? I don’t think so! Fighting it was my only option. Bought the system the minute I found it and never regretted it. No way could I have been ready for court without it. And ready I was! Dismissed!
Spencer S.
Pittsburgh, PA

I knew pace tickets were inaccurate and the system proved that. When I went to court and presented case law backing up my side the officer was speechless. The look on his face was worth the cost of the system. The judge had no choice but to side with me. Needless to say I won.
Timothy M.
Knox Township

Anything I could need was included in the materials. I was completely prepared for court, but I never made it that far. The officer selected a plea bargain and I left with nothing more than a fine.
Caitey R.
Hamilton Township

Mike’s system saved me! My ENRADD ticket was going to wreak havoc on my finances and insurance, but a lawyer was out of my budget. Finding this system was the answer to prayers. Not only did Mike include everything you could possibly need in the materials he provides, he also offers personal coaching to help you prepare for court. I took full advantage of this and he walked me through everything. The system gave me a strategy for the second officer and Mike reiterated that strategy during our conversation. It worked perfectly. I was hoping for a plea bargain and small fine. I got a full dismissal of everything! It was a dream come true.
Gena V.
Logan Township

Yes I was skeptical. Even so, I decided to try it out. It works. I got a plea bargain and reduced the charge to a non-moving violation. I’m happy.
Robert Q.
Findlay Township

If it can cost me money my wife will find it. In January her expense came in the form of a speeding ticket. I’d rather pay to fight it than pay the ticket and forget it. So I bought this system. It showed me exactly what I needed to do to fight a VASCAR ticket. I had all of the information and case law in my possession. We planned her strategy so she was prepared. She won and for once she didn’t cost me a dime. It was a wise investment on my part.
Jason S.
Franklin Township

The second officer strategy for ENRADD tickets works like a dream! My entire case was dismissed. No fines, no charges, no points. Worth every dime I paid.
Alison B.
Middlecreek Township

Need to fight a pace speeding ticket? Then you need this system! I was more prepared than a lawyer. The case law and information was simple to understand. I made my case. I won. I won’t forget that moment anytime soon.
Miles L.
Lewis Township

There’s no need for a lawyer when you have access to this system. I followed it to the letter and I beat my speeding ticket.
Jessie P.

Fighting a ticket is new to me. I’ve never tried it. It’s always been just pay and forget about it. Then the officer told me that they had me going 20 miles over the limit. When he said this was a pace ticket I decided to see what I could find out about pace tickets online. That led me to this system. It’s always a chance buying something online, but I felt desperate. The amount of information I was given surprised me. It was very thorough. I decided fighting the ticket was the best choice since I was facing 20 miles over the limit. Because I had the information I won the case. I’m glad I took the chance.
David W.
Altoona, P

I don’t care what kind of ticket you get this system is going to help. I thought we were out of luck when my husband brought home a ticket for going 55 in a 45 back in November. I’ve never believed in the way ENRADD works, but I’ve never fought one either. When I found this system I was shocked that I could actually fight an ENRADD ticket. We decided it was worth the risk to buy it. Boy did that risk pay off. After spending time going over the information we planned our defense strategy and it worked just like the system said it would. The case was dismissed. I never would have believed it if I hadn’t tried it.
Denise L.
York, PA

This system would work great if the courts weren’t crooked! I had everything I needed to win. Everything! I knew more about the laws than the judge did. But he didn’t care. I lost my case but not because I wasn’t prepared. Based on what I had I should have won. It was the crooked court system that made me lose.
Phillip M.
Foster Township

Mike truly knows what he is doing. He takes the guesswork out of fighting any ticket. I used this system to help my wife fight her ENRADD ticket. With everything Mike gives you there is no way you can lose. No way. He makes sure you are ready for everything.
Raymond L.
Hickory Township

I wish everyone could have seen the face of the officer when I pulled out my folder and began citing facts and case law in court. He was speechless. I’d lay odds he’s never seen a defendant with so much knowledge about how things work. I wish I’d had a camera. That’s a picture I’d like for the scrapbook.
Kimberly K.
Genessee Township

Had a court date in September for a speeding ticket. Bought this system in hopes of fighting it. Was surprised by all the information I was given. Managed to plea bargain my way into a fine and reduced charges.
Greg H.
Lynn Township

I had to control a laugh when the judge looked at me and asked if I was a lawyer. He was blown away that I was so informed and prepared. I had my trusty folder full of facts and case law. There wasn’t a single person who could dispute what I was saying. Seriously one of the best moments of my life when that judge sided with me. Never underestimate the power of preparation! Without this information I never would have won that case and I would have had to pay that ticket.
Therese H.
Jenks Township

Amazing! What more can I say than that? Mike did a thorough job of putting together exactly what you will need to fight your ticket. This could easily sell for more money and be worth every penny. I went in for a hefty speeding ticket and walked away with a non-moving violation and a fine. The system is amazing. The results are amazing.
Rebecca F.
Harrisburg, PA

I cannot thank you enough. My son was facing an ENRADD ticket for 65 in a 45. I bought this system so we could help him try and lower his ticket. I wasn’t sure what to expect until I read the second officer strategy. It worked just like the system said it would. His entire ticket was dismissed completely. Far more than I hoped for or expected.
James B.
Lancaster, PA

The price is right. The information is complete and thorough. I was able to reduce my ticket and lower my fine. It works like it claims. Definitely worth the money.
Angela J.
Falls Township

Mike doesn’t just sell you a program. He backs it up with support you won’t find anywhere else. His personal help to get my husband ready for court went above and beyond. Mike told us exactly what to expect and he was dead on. Thanks to him we knew what to say and how to handle it from beginning to end. It worked. Even with the fine we paid we still walked out winners. Mike truly cares about his customers and it shows.
Cora C.
Hector Township

Mike’s awesome. He walked me through my ENRADD ticket step by step. I was ready for everything they threw at me. Everything he told me to do worked exactly like he said it would. I told him I wanted a lower fine. I got a dismissal instead. Mike and his system rock!
Kevin M.
McHenry Township

Not my first speeding ticket, but the first one I’ve ever fought. Even with the system I was nervous about it. It had plenty of information. I just wasn’t sure it would work. It did. My ticket was reduced to a non-moving violation and I paid a fine much lower than what they were going to make me pay. The results were good and it didn’t cost me a fortune.
Liz D.
Scranton, PA

That courtroom was a joke. The cop told a version of the truth so far-fetched I can’t believe anyone bought it. The judge wouldn’t listen to a word I said. I had case law and factual information to back up my defense and not a bit of it mattered. Don’t get me wrong, the system gave me more than enough information. But the court system I encountered is either corrupt or they just don’t care. At least I tried. If your court is not as corrupt you should have no problem winning your case.
Kyle M.
Philadelphia, PA

Love Love Love this system! I can’t say that enough. My husband fell victim to a pace speeding ticket. Who knew how inaccurate they could be? We did after going over the information in this system! We blew away everyone in the courtroom with our knowledge. This system is the world’s best kept secret!
Heather M.
Kelly Township

Bought the system to try and save money. I couldn’t afford a lawyer and the system promised results. Reviews seemed good. The information offered is great. They don’t miss a thing. I went prepared to fight this ticket in court. The case never went to court. Before we ever saw a judge the cop agreed to a plea bargain. My fine was reasonable and no points or record. Very pleased.
Amy S.
Main Township

If I can figure out how to fight my ticket and win, anyone can. Mike made his program easy and clear-cut. The information is there. You just have to put it together and get ready to face the cop. I wasn’t sure about something and Mike was willing to talk to me personally and walk me through it. My ticket was a big one. 18 miles over the limit using ENRADD. With Mike’s help I walked away free and clear.
Brett H.
York, PA

Let me tell you the cop that gave me the ENRADD ticket rubbed me the wrong way. If I hadn’t been so mad at him for being so rude I may not have researched and found this program. But I did and I’m glad. I used the strategy that the program gave me for the second cop. Worked like a charm! Nothing made me happier than walking away with a dismissal and giving that cop my biggest smile.
Larry K.
Kennedy Township

Anyone considering this system should grab it. Hesitation is wasted time. My ticket in July was massive. We are talking 30 miles over the speed limit. I don’t agree with the number, but that is what they got me for. I had no choice but fight it. I couldn’t just accept that and everything that comes with it. This system was the only one I found that offered materials, phone support and glowing reviews for such a low price. I jumped on it. What did I have to lose at this point? Court was looming and I needed to be ready. Believe it or not, court never happened. Once I began sharing my facts with the officer he was speechless. He knew exactly what he was up against. We reached a plea bargain quickly. I went from a ticket for 30 miles over to a non-moving violation. My fine was steep. I owed about $240. But compared to what I could have had, that was nothing. Grab this system right away if you have a ticket. It is worth the money and you will see results.
Chris R.
Allentown, PA

Mike puts his customers’ needs above his own. He has bent over backwards to support me on this journey as I learned what I needed to do to fight my pace speeding ticket. Mike gives everyone the information they need and then offers the support that others will not give. He is never more than a phone call or email away. Between the case law in my hands and the coaching from Mike I won easily in court. The system is great but the service puts him over the top.
Abby J.
Hampton Township

Most of the tickets handed out are inaccurate. I knew this, but until I faced my own I never researched it. This system backed up my theory with cold, hard facts. Because of that I won. It’s just one small victory, but it felt good.
Matthew P.
Mercer Township

Having this system is like having your own personal lawyer that gives you everything you need to fight any speeding ticket. I had reservations when I bought it, but who can afford an attorney? You don’t need one with this system. Everything an attorney can do for you is available in the materials. I fought my ticket. I won the case. I am sold. Consider me a fan for life.
Jeff W.
Harrisburg, PA

I loathe the ENRADD system. 40 over the speed limit? No way that’s possible. Thankfully I had this system or I would have been in seriously sad shape. After using the system the entire case was dismissed. I had people cornering me outside to ask how I did it. My 15 minutes of fame!
Shari E.
Laporte Township

Easily worth ten times the price. I’ve never fought anything in court, but I had no doubts with this system. The materials left me ready and willing to take it on. I didn’t have to worry about it. Once the cop saw my folder and heard my defense he quickly reduced the charge and gave me a fine. Anyone with a ticket needs this system.
Jeremy C.
Hopewell Township

Mike has created a foolproof way to beat your speeding ticket. I bought it for my pace speeding ticket and it was a wise investment. The materials are simple to understand. You are given all the information you need. It led me to win my case and it can do that for anyone.
Missy S.
Franklin Township